In Bosnia and Herzegovina, young adults must leave state care when they reach the age of 18. This is a critical time in any young person’s life, but those with special needs and without parental or other support are particularly vulnerable and face a very uncertain future.

In 2012 Our Kids Foundation renovated a property in Mostar and employed a team of mentors and social workers, to accommodate and look after three young women from the Egipatsko Selo children’s home.

In the beginning a lot of effort was needed to teach them how to perform basic activities such as maintaining their own health and living space, cooking, dressing and social skills.

They have all made a lot of progress in terms of integration, socialization and employment within the Foundation. Now the beneficiaries are involved in various activities outside the Foundation such as regular attendance at workshops within the Los Rosales Center in Mostar, sports activities, and participation in various cultural events.

The program has enabled them to achieve a degree of autonomy and independence which they would not otherwise have.

More recently the project moved to a larger property just outside Mostar and more young adults from the children’s home have entered the program.

Work is continuous as the beneficiaries will always need ongoing supervision and cannot live independently due to the nature of their developmental difficulties.