Students from Heathland School UK Visit Mostar

Students from Heathland School, UK, with beneficiaries, staff and volunteers from Our Kids Foundation projects, Mostar.
Students from Heathland School, UK, visit Mostar to volunteer at Our Kids Foundation projects including the home for disabled adults, the residential project for young adults leaving care and the kid's club at the children's home.

Article Published: November 5, 2016

This week our Naša Djeca and Kuća na Pola Puta projects were full of laughter, fun trips and a lot of love.

The weather was perfect this weekend for outside games at the Kids Club. Our friends from the Heathland School UK were present to add to the fun. After a night BBQ at the halfway house, everyone took part in fun games like Jenga.

What are movie essentials? Popcorn and drinks! All of our kids were “movie ready” to watch Svemirska Avantura 2 which is an animated film about dogs in space.

Did someone say strike? Our kids had a blast bowling at Mepas Mall.

We celebrated a birthday on Thursday as one of our children from the Kids Club turned 14 years old. Happy Birthday Almedin!