Hairdresser Salon

With no structured after-school and weekend activities provided by the children's home, many of the children spend a lot of time on the streets, particularly during their teenage years when they become more independent.

The hair dressers salon was designed to address this problem. The idea was to provide a hair dressing salon on site at the orphanage, generating extra income for the orphanage and providing training and future employment opportunities for some of the older children. On 1st September 2011 the dream became a reality when Salon Stockholm had its official opening ceremony in the orphanage, attended by over 150 people.

Two of the older girls at the orphanage began working at the salon. They were trained by a local hair dresser who offered his services for free. One of them also had the opportunity to receive further training in Stockholm from a Swedish hairdresser. A hairdresser from London also visited the salon in 2013 to give the girls further training and help promote the salon with local people.

The salon proved hard to promote locally but two of the young women working in the salon have been able to find employment in Mostar as a result of their training.