Mostar Summer Youth Programme - Week 3

As you will see from the pictures, week 3 of MSYP 2016 was full of fun.

Classes continued, including project work and short field trips for some. Workshops also continued in the afternoons and evenings.

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On Monday Alma Hadžidedić an entrepreneur from Sarajevo told stories of young people around the world who had started their own companies. She also ran a workshop which challenged the participants to find a sustainable solution to a problem in their community.

On Tuesday MSYP teacher Alina Mateos Horrisberger lead a workshop on body expression. And later in the evening about 40 participants attended a performance of the play Ajmo na Fuka at the Croatian National Theatre.

MSYP Coordinators made a presentation on Wednesday titled “Life After MSYP” which explored all the ways that alumni of the Programme can stay in touch with MSYP and how MSYP can support them all year round. It also reflected on the organisations that had contributed to the Programme and reminded the participants how they can volunteer and engage with community groups. This was followed in the evening with a workshop on LGBT issues, facilitated by Ružica from Liberta Mo and held at Nansen Dialogue Centre Mostar.

On Thursday Elma Mahmutović, UWC Mostar, spoke to the participants about Human Rights in BiH, taking a look at the legal framework that implements and protects the rights of BiH Citizens, and a critical analysis of its effectiveness.

On Thursday evening MSYP teamed up with Schuler Helfen Leben BiH to take part in their Zajedno Stvaramo community action event. Together the two organisations created four pieces of artwork around various elements of a children’s playground in a residential area of the city. The event was very successful – everyone had such a lot of fun and appreciated an opportunity to make a permanent improvement to the community.

The final workshop of the week was a poetry slam facilitated by MSYP teacher Asha Siad.

So, all the classes and workshops have finished and we are nearing the end of another successful year of the Mostar Summer Youth Programme. It’s been a busy and fun-packed 3 weeks. Just the closing ceremony and party to go, which will be held on Saturday 16 July.