Fundraising Concert with Amira Medunjanin and Ante Gelo

Our Kids Foundation would like to thank Amira and Ante for being such star performers at the fundraising concert on Saturday. They gave their heart and soul, and made it a magical evening with sing-alongs, so many favourite songs and a guest appearance by Tigran Aleksanyan.

It was an evening to treasure for a long time.

The concert was held at St Peter’s Church in Notting Hill on Saturday 9th May. Huge thanks to everybody who joined us and donated to Our Kids. The event was attended by about 270 people. The proceeds came to £4837 and will go towards the Foundation’s latest project: Kuca na Pola Puta, or Halfway House. The project aims to provide care leavers with vocational training and support in finding employment.

Next time – Royal Albert Hall !

(video credit to Mirko Petrovich)