Natural Beauty Care, Australia

In the last month we’ve reported on support coming in from Doha, Boston and London. Now we continue the global theme with a story from Australia.

Natural Beauty Care is a successful family business and they take their social responsibility very seriously, always looking to share their prosperity with good causes around the world.

Two years ago they made a donation of $2500 to Our Kids Foundation. We are delighted to say that this year they have once again selected us as one of the beneficiaries of their annual social responsibility program - awarding $5000.

The money will go towards launching our new Halfway House project as well as our ongoing projects around Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On behalf of the children and young adults supported by our projects, we thank them sincerely for their generous support.

We have a busy summer planned. To receive updates from the field and photos of the money being put to work, you can click over to the Our Kids Foundation Facebook Page and hit "like".