Project Update: Nasa Djeca Children's Club

Our Kids Foundation designs, initiates and funds projects for the benefit of children and young adults in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nasa Djeca is one such project which we set up back in 2009. It has been very successful and continues to deliver a wide range of services.

The Nasa Djeca project is now a locally registered charity in its own right, managed and operated by a dedicated team of employees and volunteers in Mostar and Pazaric. This local empowerment is extremely important to ensure that the project meets the needs of the local communities and contributes as much as possible to the wider economic and social development of the country.

Our Kids Foundation still oversees the project’s activities, and works with donors in the UK and our international partners to raise funds and provide practical support for Nasa Djeca's work.

We’d like to share some photos and updates with you from this year’s activities to give you an insight into their valuable work, and so you can see where your donations go.

Children’s Club – Egipatsko Selo Orphanage

The Egipatsko Selo orphanage in Mostar is one of the most severely under-funded state institutions in the country and faces many challenges. It is extremely difficult for the institute to provide high quality care for the children living there. Nasa Djeca has been working with the institute for over 6 years providing much needed social care and educational support for the children.

One of the main activities is the Children’s Club which Nasa Djeca hosts within one of the buildings in the orphanage. Originally the building was in a very poor state of repair but Nasa Djeca has worked hard to keep it well maintained. At the beginning of the current year Nasa Djeca redecorated and equipped it with additional resources and teaching aids to facilitate different types of activities. The children of the orphanage participate in various creative and educational workshops including sports, music, art and literature. Within these workshops they celebrate the children's birthdays and all the important national and religious holidays.

The workshops are designed and planned by Nasa Djeca with approval of the institute and local educators. As the new school year starts, Nasa Djeca are providing educational assistance and counselling to the children, as well as professional help from qualified teachers, psychologists and social workers, to help the children overcome the difficulties they face every day.

These workshops are also vital in developing the children’s social skills, enabling them to more easily relate to and communicate with their peers and other people in the community.

There is no doubt that this work has greatly improved the quality of life for these children, as well as improving their prospects as they grow up and prepare for life outside the orphanage. In the next article we’ll explore more of Nasa Djeca’s work, including what happens to the children when they reach the age of 18 and have to leave the orphanage.

Below you can see some photos of the rooms where the Children's Club is held.