Fundraising Concert, Austria

Our Kids Foundation is supported by a truly international community of volunteers and donors, and yesterday many of them came together to put on an exciting and energetic fundraising concert in Salzburg, Austria.

Organised by Cengiz Uysal and Marko Govorcin, the concert featured musicians from many countries including Africa, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, Austria and Turkey.

The program attracted a wide audience. People of all ages came to enjoy rock, reggae, jazz and traditional folk music. It was a wonderful night with home cooked food, dancing and laughter.

We would like to thank the organisers, all the volunteers who worked hard to make it run smoothly, JazzIt for donating the venue, the musicians for generously giving their time, and to everyone who bought tickets. Every cent that was raised will go directly to the projects we support for the benefit of children and young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will post a quick update when we know the final amount that was raised.

Thank you all!