Project Update: Pazarić

Nasa Djeca's work at the Pazaric institution continues to be a real success story. You can read more about the history of the project here. Currently Nasa Djeca employs personal assistants for three of the most severely disabled children who live at the institution. Their hard work improves the quality of life of these young people and gives them a degree of freedom they could not otherwise experience.

Last week members of Our Kids Foundation visited to find out how things were going. We spent some time with Irma (right) and Zejna, who you can see here with their personal assistants.

Irma’s carer, Dika, lives just a short walk from the institution which enables Irma to spend time at her home most week days. Irma is autistic and requires almost constant supervision. One of the most striking things when spending time with them is how important the long term personal relationship is. Irma struggles to communicate and it is very touching to see how Dika has, over time, learnt to understand her. Still, it is sometimes difficult even for Dika to understand what Irma is trying to say.

It is this sort of personal interaction that is impossible within the institution because it is severely under-funded. There are about 400 residents at Pazaric and 20 of them are children. With so few employees on duty, the children cannot receive individual care.

As well as paying the three personal assistants, we often need to purchase equipment, clothing and even medical supplies for the children because the state finds it difficult to provide sufficient funds. We’d like to take this opportunity on behalf of these children to thank everyone who donates their time and money to allow us to continue funding the Nasa Djeca project and their work.

While we were there we checked on the condition of the playground which Nasa Djeca installed a couple of years ago. We were pleased to find it in good condition still, and the children really enjoy the opportunity to get out of their hospital rooms.