After School Club

The Egipatsko Selo orphanage in Mostar is home to about 40 children between the ages of 4 and 18. Many of them have learning or physical disabilities, and other mental health problems.

The orphanage is run by the city with very limited funds and does not address the complex needs of these children. With just two orphanage employees on shift there are no structured activities for the children and no focus on the children’s long term future.

Our project Naša Djeca offers the children opportunities to learn social skills through play, creativity, friendship and belonging; and develop skills for employment and independent living.


The very first initiative implemented by Naša Djeca and still very popular is the After School Club for the children of the Mostar orphanage.

The club has grown from strength to strength. Numerous volunteers such as local students, art professors and musicians have heard about the club and generously given their time to run workshops and weekly activities. We have been overwhelmed by the response of the local people and how many of them wish to be involved.

Painting, crafts, films and visits to the gym are just some of the activities that the children have been able to enjoy. For the older children Naša Djeca have also provided computer skills, ecology workshops and other activities designed to improve employability.

The club has provided the children with much needed structure at the end of a school day and at weekends. The enjoyment the children get from these activities is apparent for all to see as they come back week after week.

What we need donations for

Naša Djeca currently employs two people who used to work at the orphanage to run regular workshop sessions and work with the local community to arrange special activities for the children. They are supported by two part time employees and several unpaid volunteers. Naša Djeca also purchases supplies for the workshops such as paper, pens and toys. They maintain the property in which the workshops are run and operate a mini-bus for when the children need transport to and from an activity.

Without regular donations none of this work is possible.