Transforming the Lives of Children and Young People

Our Kids Foundation is a UK registered charity that designs, initiates and funds projects to improve the lives and prospects of children and young adults in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Often, but not exclusively, the beneficiaries of our projects are children living in institutional care and those with disabilities.


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Explore our work in more detail with photos and stories direct from our projects.

Explore Some of the Foundation's Projects

Naša Djeca

Delivering services for children living in care and permanent homes for learning-disabled.



The Mostar Summer Youth Programme is a hub for youth leadership, volunteerism and entrepreneurship.


Halfway House

New residential vocational training facility for young adults leaving institutional care.


How You Can Help

There are so many different ways you can help. You can donate directly, run your own fundraising event, sponsor a project or volunteer to work with us. Please get in touch, we are always happy to talk.

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Local Empowerment

Wherever possible we set up projects independently governed and run by local employees and volunteers.

Why is this so important...?

Why Bosnia and Herzegovina

Find out about the challenges facing young people living in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The 100% Model

All operating costs are covered by private donors so 100% of public donations go directly to pay for services provided to the children.

Reliability and Trust

We publish our financial statements and we're a registered charitable organisation. We can prove where every penny goes.


We never give cash to institutions where the children live. Instead we employ our own staff and donate equipment and supplies.